Located in, Liang Bua Village, North Rahong District, Manggarai Regency, NTT around 30km from Ruteng Town,the Capital Town of Manggarai Regency. This cave is one of the prehistoric relics in Indonesia and is an important archaeological site in the World.This Cave is a silent witness to prehistoric life 13,000 years ago.In this cave where the fossils of Homo Floresiensis or Hobbit from Flores were found. This discovery is shocking the world of archaeology because it is very different from Homo Erectus which is found in Indonesia as well especially body size and brain volume.Homo Florensiensis has a height of 100 cm and weighs only 25-30 kg with a skull size and brain volume only 20% of modern humans or about the size of an orange.

The era of Homo Floresiensis had known fire and hunting this is evidenced by the discovery stone artifacts such as knives and axes and ancient Elephant bone fossils (stegodon),Giant Lizard of Komodo(Varanus Komodoensis),ancient Turtle,Monitor Lizards,and Giant Rat in the same Cave.This cave is starting to form around 190,000 years ago, known from laboratory test results to sample of each soil layer in fossil excavation. Overall, the soil layers where the fossils are found between 95,000 and 12,000 years ago.

The Liang Bua Cave is about 50 m long, 40 m wide and ceiling height inside 25m, with this size of the cave its ideal for prehistoric life and Modern Man (Homo Sapiens). Research and excavation in this cave and its surroundings began in the 1930s and all proceeds were brought to Leiden, Netherlands. In the 1950s research was continued by archaeologists as well as Catholic priests named Th.Verhoeven and most of the results of his research are modern human skeletons (Homo Sapiens). Finally In 2001, research was continued through collaboration between Australia and Indonesia and this team was led by RP Soejono from the Arkenas Research Center(Indonesia). Finally after passing the excavation stages, right in September 2003 this joint team managed to get findings which shocking the world,namely a human” Hobbit(Homo Florensiensis)” from Liang Bua,FLORES Island.

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