Komodo Amazing Tour Club was established in 2007 by a group of a young men who have willpower to build the local economy through the tourism sector. In order to run that idea we have a concept that has become the Club’s main concern is increasing the flow of tourist customers and develop tourist destinations. For nearly 10 years since its establishment Indonesia Amazing has developed from an only land tour provider to a group of companies with a wide range of tourist business activities.
Indonesia Amazing Travel Club is a private and an independent organization which is Tourism as a main business Our mission is raising the people’s welfare by tourism in a way of increasing the flow of tourist and develop tourist object.The main objectives of the club include sales, promotion, and marketing with such activities as creating market, promoting and selling all kinds of tourism products. Additionally, it also serves as a mediator which mediates between sellers and buyers to meet in a familiar situation based on mutual interests and benefits as well as solid cooperation.
We have a commitment to promote and invite the people to come and explore the beauty of Indonesian Culture, Nature and reefs. All product that we created is a reflection of the real Indonesia, which is the largest archipelago state in the World. We promise!!You never disappointed by our program.

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