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    VISA ON ARRIVAL   Visa it’s a permit for foreigner to enter Indonesian territory in order to Travel, student’s exchange, and diplomatic duties. Visa on Arrival is given by the Government of Indonesia through the Immigration Officer for eligible foreign citizens. Visa on Arrival filing requirements Travel document or passport with a minimum period of […]


    HOW TO REACH INDONESIA Indonesia is the largest archipelagic State in the world consisting of 17,504 islands. The country is located in Southeast Asia and traversed by the equator so it is tropical. With the thousands of islands make Indonesia as one of the tourist destinations in the World, every year the number of tourist […]

    Komodo National Park

    Komodo National Park is a conservation area which aims to protect all life in it, especially the existence of Komodo Dragon as an ancient animal and only exist in KN Park area.KN park is located among the islands of Flores and Sumbawa and administratively within the territory of Komodo Districk,West Manggarai Rengency in Province of […]

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