Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is a conservation area which aims to protect all life in it, especially the existence of Komodo Dragon as an ancient animal and only exist in KN Park area.KN park is located among the islands of Flores and Sumbawa and administratively within the territory of Komodo Districk,West Manggarai Rengency in Province of East Nusa tenggara, with an area of ​​1,733 km2 with coordinates 8°32’36 NL 119°29’22 EL /8,54333°EL 119,48944°EL.

The History of Komodo National Park

KN Park was established in 1980 to protect a Komodo Dragon which is endemic animals and the diversity of flora and fauna in it. Komodo Dragon itself was first discovered by Dutch East Indies officer named J.K.H.Van Steyn in 1911, then he reported the discovery to Peter Ouwens a curator in Bogor Zoological Museum. Based on this report Peter Antonie Ouwens made a direct research on Komodo Island and and made a paper titled “On a Large Species from the Island of Komodo”in 1912.From the results of this study declare that Komodo Dragon is a Giant Lizard and He named “Varanus Komodoensis”and this news spread all over the world through the research paper of Ouwens in 1912.

Since its establishment,KN Park has won several awards such as:

  • The Worlds Heritage site of Nature by UNESCO in 1986.
  • Defined as a National symbol of Fauna by the president of Indonesia in 1992.
  • Defined as a Human Reserves and Biosphere in 1997 by UNESCO.
  • Marine a Protected Area in 2000.
  • Designated as model of National Park in Indonesia in 2006.
  • Defined as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world by UNESCO in 2013.

Management and Tourism Sector

Komodo National Park is generally managed by the Ministry of Forestry through the Directorate General of Conservation and Natural Resources. So all forms of activity within the area of Komodo National Park should be under the control of Komodo National Park authority.

As time goes by and current development where the tourism sector has grown rapidly.Through the tourism sector KN Park become one of the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia with visiting numbers reaching 90,000 people (in 2016) with the amount of foreign exchange for the State reached 22 Billion Rupiah. Along with the increasing number of tourists the authority of Komodo National Park has fixing up several aspects such as Tourism Objects, Human Resources, and Infrastructure Facilities.Here are some Tourism objects in Komodo National Park:

1.Loh Liang (Komodo Island)

It is the main entrance of Komodo National Park area as well as a guard post of the Forest Police.Every visitor is required to report to the duty officer and pay the entrance ticket.

Here’s the price of Komodo National Park tickets and valid for 1 day:


Entrance Ticket       Rp.5.000/person

Government tax      Rp.20.000/person

Trekking                    Rp.5.000/person

Animal watching     Rp.10.000/person

Snorkeling                 Rp.15.000/person

Rangers fee               Rp.80.000/5 orang


Entrance Ticket       Rp.150.000/person (weekday)

Rp.225.000/person (weekend)

Government tax      Rp.50.000/person

Trekking                    Rp.5.000/person

Animal watching     Rp.10.000/person

Snorkeling                 Rp.15.000/person

Rangers fee               Rp.80.000/5 orang


Trekking route in Loh Liang:

Short trekking           : Loh Liang – Hutan Asam /1 km

Medium                     : Loh Liang – Bukit sulphurea /1,5 km

Long Trekking           : Loh Liang – Banunggulung /2 km

Adventure                 : Loh Liang – Gunung Ara /6 km

Loh Liang – Sebita /6 km

During trekking visitors will be accompanied by rangers as well as a guide that explains about KN Park and beyond. During the trip visitors can see Komodo Dragons,Timor Deer,Water buffalo,Wild Pig and many kind of birds.KN Park authorities also provide some facilities for visitors such as:Accomodation,Tourist information,Café,Toilet,Souvenir and Port.

Beside a trekking spot in Loh Liang,you can visit Komodo Village as well which is about 30 minutes from Loh Liang by Boat.This village is inhabited by ethnic Bajo, Bima, and Makassar with the majority of the population is Muslim and work as Fisherman.Some people have turned professions into sculptors,and they make a statue of Komodo Dragons then sell it to visitors.

  1. Loh Buaya (Pulau Rinca)

It is the second entrance in Komodo National Park located on Rinca Island. This object is very interested by visitors because it takes only 2 hours from Labuan Bajo by Local Boat. Every visitor who comes will be accompanied by rangers as well as a Guide.

Trekking Route in Loh Buaya:

Short Trekking: Loh Buaya – Sarang Komodo/ 1 km

Medium             : Loh Buaya – Bukit Tower/ 1,5 km

Long Trekking   : Loh Buaya – Wae Waso/ 4 km

Adventure         : Loh Buaya – Lengkong Nggurung/ 6 km

Loh Buaya – Kampung Rinca/6 km

Before trekking visitors will be briefed by Ranger about the track and the rules that must be obeyed. Along the way we will see Komodo Dragon,Timor Deer,Wild Pig,Buffalo,Wild Horse,Monkey and many kind of Birds as well as the scenery of the savanna that stretches far and covers the steep hills.

  1. Pulau Padar

It is the third largest island after Komodo and Rinca islands. The island is about 3.5 hours from Labuan Bajo by Local Boat and has become one of the main tourism destinations in KN Park. The Visitors could trekking to the top by passing through the dusty and rocky path, but your struggle will be paid with the beauty of nature which is very spectacular. The Blue Ocean and a range of small islands around it will hypnotize every visitor.

4.Pantai Merah / Pink

Is one of snorkeling/diving spot which is about 30 minutes from the Loh Liang.Named Pink Beach because some of the sand is red.Reputedly, red sand is derived from broken fire coral which has been crushed by the waves for hundreds of years and mixed with white sand so it looks like a pink beach.This location is perfect for snorkeling lovers because it will be treated to views of colorful life coral as well as various types of fish.

Beside snorkeling visitors could trekking to the hill and enjoy the views of the blue ocean as well as small islands around it.In addition to the 4 objects above there are actually other objects that exist in KN Park such as Manta Point,Takat Makasar,Gili Lawa darat/laut,Sebayur Island, Kanawa,Seraya, Sabolo,Gili Motang,and Nusa Kode.

Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon(Varanus Komodoensis) or in the local language is called Ora is an ancient animal that is still alive and only found in the area of KN Park especially Komodo Island,Rinca Island,Gili Motang,Nusa Kode and in the north of Flores (Wae Wul) but the body size is smaller because of limited area and food.

The body size of an adult Komodo dragon ranges from 2.5 to 3.5 meters and weighs up to 90 kg and is a pure carnivore; only consume meat, if ingesting something that is not meat automatically be resumed. This giant lizard is very fond of carrion, with a combination of keen sense of smell and tongue connected with Jacobson organ could detect food as far as 4-9 km make it as a main predator on the food chain.So all the animals that live in KN Park are potential prey of Komodo.

Komodo is one of the cold-blooded animals and only active during the day,and every morning This giant lizard warming up their body in the sun to keep the temperature steady, otherwise all the food in their  stomach will come out. According to research Komodo can run up to 20 km for short distance, good swimmer and can dive to a depth of 5 meters. With this ability Komodo can hunt its prey with only 1 bite because the saliva contains 62 types of deadly bacteria and has a medium level of poison that makes its prey die slowly. After that,Dragon can track the existence of its prey uses a keen sense of smell.

How to get to Komodo National Park

  • By Airplane

Denpasar – Labuan Bajo operates 4 Airlines such as Garuda,Sriwijaya,Lion Air,and Nam Air. Every Airlines has one flight a day.

Jakarta – Labuan Bajo. Garuda Airlines operates Boeing aircraft to serve this route with one 1 flight a day.

  • By Land and Sea

PT PELNI serving the voyage from Benoa Harbor (Bali) to Labuan Bajo with a travel time of 2 days 1 night with a schedule of about 3-4 x a month.

PT ASDP also serves direct crossings from Surabaya to Labuan Bajo with travel time 2 days 1 night with a schedule of 2 x a month.

While by landline you can take a night Bus at Ubung Station (Bali) to Sape Port (East Sumbawa) with a travel time of 20 hours. Then you can take a Ferry to the Port of Labuan Bajo about 6 hours.

Once You are in Labuan Bajo,there are 2 options to reach Komodo National Park that is by slow Wooden Boat and fast Ferry. Depending on your budget.

For more information about Tour Package Komodo National Park and Flores Island you can visit our website

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Thank You

By Gerry M

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